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Since 1923
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Welcome to Nolte Lackenbach Siegel 

Our practice is devoted exclusively to intellectual property law, and has been since our formation more than 96 years ago.

Our practice areas include patents, trademarks, copyrights, advertising, Internet, domain name and computer law, advertising and related licensing and litigation.

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Lackenbach Siegel &

Nolte IP Law Group

Announce Merger

Lackenbach Siegel, a venerable intellectual property firm for over 96 years, is merging with Nolte IP Law Group, a forerunner in the high-tech patent space, to create a full-service midsize intellectual property law firm with a national footprint.


With its rich history and global high-profile clients, Lackenbach is known as a leader in the IP industry. Now Lackenbach will substantially grow its resources by adding 15 experienced patent attorneys to its attorney roster. Lackenbach’s managing partner, Howard Aronson, describes the merger as “creating a firm that the market was looking for in size and geographic presence, staffed with highly specialized attorneys, long experienced in representing clients with attractive rates and flat fee pricing.” 


The newly formed law firm will operate as Nolte Lackenbach Siegel, preserving the nearly century old name combined with the forward-thinking trendsetting Nolte firm moniker.


The firms will combine their respective New York offices to operate in the renowned Lackenbach Siegel Building in Westchester, New York and maintain the Nolte firm’s offices in Houston, Palo Alto, and Austin.


We are extremely excited to announce the merger and the new foundation for representing clients with increased efficiency, noticeable cost savings, and enhanced depth and breadth of professional services.

Alex Nolte.png
Howard Aronson.png
Renee Duff.png

Modernization of operations will be a primary goal moving forward, as well as preserving the professionalism and character of representation on which our clients have come to rely.


The combined firm represents a merger of attorneys who have worked together in the past, so integration will be seamless and professional representation styles are historically similar. Indeed, some years ago, several attorneys in the Nolte firm worked in the Lackenbach trademark department, so some new faces may actually be well known.


We are pleased to share our excitement and anticipation to move forward with changes that will only improve our abilities and efficiencies.

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